About the game

One fateful Halloween night, Mollie falls into the clutches of The Wizard, a tortured man of magic that has twisted a once beautiful estate into a realm of madness. She must use her wits to escape, but she's not alone! Teaming up with another captive, Mordecai, the young duo must work together to achieve the ultimate goal: Escape the estate and undo the magic that has cursed them both.

This single-player experience for PC introduces a unique world with thrilling challenges that require the player to use both Mollie and Mordecai to traverse the twisted estate, from the towering heights of the attic, to the shivering cold of the basement; Both will have to lean on each other's strength to overcome the madness of the Wizard's creations.

As a player, you will:

• Use each other's specialized skills to solve twisted puzzles around the corrupted estate!
• Fight and defeat a legion of "The Stuffed"!
• Craft and hone your skills with alchemy to become more dangerous and powerful.

How To Mint

On June 16th the Mollie and Mordecai NFT will be available to mint for all users! Click the button below to get started and make sure to follow the steps in the video if you have any issues!

Watch Now

Check out the trailer for the Mysterious Misadventures of Mollie and Mordecai and our collaboration with Worlds Within and Defungify!

Where to PLay

Users will be able to play The Mysterious Misadventures of Mollie and Mordecai on a Windows PC when they buy the NFT.

The mint will be open for 30 days starting June 16th. For those 30 days, only people that minted the NFT will be able to play the game. After 30 days, people that buy the Mollie and Mordecai NFT on a secondary market will be able to play the game.

Below is a demonstration of how to download and play the game!


We are collaborating with Defungify and Worlds Within to integrate the Cardano ecosystem into our game!
This will bring Mollie and Mordecai for Worlds Within users and much more in the Future!


NFTs will be available to purchase on release day! To play Mollie and Mordecai on release day you are required to purchase one of the NFTs that are being sold. The NFT sale will be live for 30 days.


Our NFTs will be on the Cardano blockchain! The team at Worlds Within are comprised of Cardano experts who have dropped multiple NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. We hope to push the CNFT space forward to allow the entire Cardano ecosystem to grow!


Our partnership with Worlds Within will allow users to have access to avatars from Mollie and Mordecai! We hope that users can not only enjoy the game but be able to show off their favorite Mollie and Mordecai characters in the many Worlds Within experiences.


Release date | 06.16.22


Lunarfall is comprised of gamers, developers, artists, creatives, and visionaries, focused on bringing you fun, and unique experiences. We are well trained in the art of game-making and have a gameplay-first mentality always. As leaders in the industry with over 40 years of combined experience, we bring you our debut title the Mysterious Misadventures of Mollie and Mordecai in a way never been done before.


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